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Review of "Whispered Garden" on Rolling Stone France.

English translation below :

"Is Jun miyake a genius? His latest album, a delicate secret garden whispered in the ear, comes close. In this new jewel, the Japanese composer shows once again that he has no equal when it comes to making his own the musical genres he approaches. A masterpiece of nuances, Whispered Garden mixes bossa nova, ambient, jazz and world music in an orchestral blast of air. With the appearance of film music every now and then, Jun Miyake is a free electron. An unclassifiable praised by Wim Wenders, heard in the soundtrack of Pina, the award-winning documentary about the dancer Pina Bausch. Rare on stage, not enough known considering his talent and the size of his work (about thirty albums, twenty film scores and another twenty collaborations in plays and dance performances), Jun Miyake remains shrouded in an aura of mystery. Whispered Garden deserves a linear listening, from the first to the last track. Thus is revealed its refined architecture, its jazz solos of excellent workmanship, its repetitions of heady motives, its symphonic movements, its instrumental richness (string orchestra, winds, brass, guitar, piano, double bass, percussions...). The excellent Vinicius Cantuaria and Arthur H are among the guests, singing in Portuguese, English and French. A whole world. Florent Servia"


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