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Artist, Composer, Arranger, Performer,
(Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flumpet, Pianica, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Programming, etc.)

"Like reading Thomas Pynchon with your ears… Beside this, John Cage's emancipation of noise sounds like a polite little art-school exercise in smugness."
Slakk Magazine

* Has released twelve album as an eccentric artist

* appeared as a guest soloist and served as a producer for numerous artists.

* Collaboration with contemporary dances and theater pieces with Pina Bausch, Robert Wilson, Philippe Decoufle, etc

* Co-produced album with people like Hal Willner, Vinicius Cantuaria and Arto Lindsay

"About three years ago, I received a tape of Jun Miyake's Music through a mutual friend. The tape knocked me out. In less than an hour, I heard almost every type of music on the earth pass by, in a consistent way, by an artist who was obviously in control of the proceedings. Jun has an incredible understanding and command of all musical languages, unlike anyone I have ever encountered, and in my musical travels, that is quite a feat.
There is also a lunacy present, which never got in the way of the overall vision. I wanted to work with this guy ! 
The album takes the listener on a very unique journey always guided by Jun's unique yet familiar arrangements and his playing which shows up at the perfect moment.This is a magical audio movie that strongly holds together as one piece, while taking one through a surreal history of music.
In my own work, I have taken the strong catalogues of Thelonius Monk, Nino Rota, Kurt Weil, Walt Disney and others, using artists including Tom Waits, Sun Ra, and Gil Evans, Keith Richards and Leonard Cohen, interpreting the music in my life long pursuit in finding where these personalities meet. In Miyake, we find all of this in one person really. His music is sophisticated but not hi-brow a sense of humor."
Hal Willner 1993, about the album "Entropathy"



Discovered by the Japanese legend Terumasa Hino, started his career as a Jazz trumpeter, graduating Berklee College of Music. As he came back to Tokyo, he became an influential artist, as well as a successful composer, who had put out 16 solo albums, composed for films, documentaries, advertisement, theatre pieces, and served

as a producer for numerous artists. He also won many awards including Cannes Advertisement Film Festival,

the Digital Media Grands Prix, after working on over 3,000 TV commercials. Miyake has closely worked with Pina Bausch, Wim Wenders, Robert Wilson, Oliver Stone, Jean-Paul Goude, Philippe Decoufle, Joseph Cedar, etc. as well as collaborations with artists such as Hal Willner, Arto Lindsay, Peter Scherer, Arthur H, Vinicius Cantuaria, Bulgarian Voices, David Byrne, Grace Jones, Gavin Friday, Ron Carter, Michael Brecker,

and many others. 


With his ability to blend the most seemingly disparate element of music, he has achieved much respect throughout the world. From 2005, he has set a base in Paris, actively working on several projects. Miyake's album "Stolen from Strangers"(’07), “Lost Memory Theatre act-1” (’13), and “Lost Memory Theatre act-2” has been selected as "best album of the year" for numerous European music magazines, and have won the Grand Prix for the German Record critics Awards. He has also been selected as "Man of 2009" by Galerie Lafayette homme.


A Wim Wenders’ film "pina", which Miyake contributed core music for, has been awarded as "best documentary film" by European Film Award 2011, Nominated for Academy award 2012 as "best documentary film" and BAFTA 2012 as "best foreign language film".



The Japanese National Anthem “Kimigayo” he arranged for the Rio Olympics in 2016 became a topic of conversation. In recent years, his film compositions include “The Translators”, “Norman- The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer”, “An Artist of the Floating World”, and “No Longer Human”. 


(Produced, Written, Arranged, and Performed by JUN MIYAKE)

NB: His last albums ("Innocent Bossa", "Mondo Erotica !" and "Glam Exotica !" are now available in Europe through Tropical Music and distributed in France by Night and Day). 

・Especially Sexy (1984)
・CM TRACKS VOL.1 (1996)
・CM TRACKS VOL.2 (1996)
・JUN MIYAKE LIVE at CAY '95 (1996)
・Latinism Reversible (1997)
・Glam Exotica! (1999)
・Mondo Erotica! (2000)
・Innocent Bossa in the mirror (2000)
・Stolen from strangers (2007)
・Lost Memory Theatre act-1 (2013)
・Lost Memory Theatre act-2 (2014)

・Lost Memory Theatre act-3 (2017)

​Whispered Garden (2021)


・GORILLA II original soundtrack (1989) Track6"SASURAI"
・MEMORIES original motion picture soundtrack (1996) "STINK BOMB"DISC1:Track12-29
・PuPu The Soundtrack (1998)
・MASK DE 41 Original Soundtrack (2004)
・KIBA Original Soundtrack Vol.1 (2006)
・KIBA Original Soundtrack Vol.2 (2007)
・The Miraculous Mandarin Original Soundtrack (2009)
・"Vollmond" music from the dance theater of Pina (2009)
・Janne d'Arc Original Soundtrack (2010)
・"pina" Soundtrack / Wim Wenders film (2011)
・Woyzeck Soundtrack (2014)
・9 days Queen Original Soundtrack (2014)

・An Artist of The Floating World (2019)

・The Translators (2019) 

・No Longer Human (2019)

・"Mémoires du Sapa" Flying Sapa original soundtrack (2021)

"No.9 -Immortal Melody Soundtrack (2021)

"Sanson" Original Soundtrack (2021)

・"Snow Country Original Soundtrack (2022)


・Stokesia (1989)
・ONE (1991)
・RECIENTE (1991)
・La Party (1991)
・Zenmai Zamurai no Uta (2006)
・Zenmai na Jinsei (2007)


・Itoshi no Half Moon / Youjiro Takita (1987)
・Memories / Stink Bom / Katsuhiro Otomo/Tensai Okamoto (1995)
・The Story of PuPu / Kensaku Watanabe (1998)
・Any given Sunday / Oliver Stone (1999) (did not appeared on final cut) 
・Mask de 41 / Taishi Muramoto (2004)
・Coffe with Pina Bausch / Lee Yanor (2005)
・KIBA / Hiroyuki Kozina (2006)
・Zenmai Zamurai / M&K (2006)
・L'Ombre et la Main / Laurence Garret (2006)
・Mourir d'Aimer / Josse Dayan (2009)
・Katai / Claire Doyon (2010)
・3 femmes amoureuses / Pierre Daigniere (2010)
・The Women / Diane English (2010)
・Jonas / Christian Ulmen&Robert Wilde (2011)
・Eat Pray Love / Ryan Murphy (2011)
・pina / Wim Wenders (2011) Awarded for European Film Award 2011, Nominee for the Academy Awards 2012, BAFTA awards 2012
・The mark of beauty (2013)
・Tiens-toi droite / Katia Lewkowicz (2014)

・NORMAN: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer / Joseph Ceder (2016)

・An Artist of The Floating World (2019)

・The Translators (2019) 

・No Longer Human (2019)

・"Snow Country Original Soundtrack (2022)


・Appears as soloist in Montreux Jazz Festival with Seigen Ono Ensemble (1993)
・From 1988 to 2004, performed with his own band at clubs and halls in Tokyo, Boston, New-York, Paris.
・Philippe Decoufle & DCA Improvisational Session (Kyoto, Palais de Chaillot 2000)
・Irma Omerzo (2001)
・Takayuki Terakado Live Painting Session (2002)
・Robert Wilson"The White Town" (Bellvue Theater、Copenhagen 2002)
・Philippe Decoufle "Iris Workshop" (Yokohama 2002)
・Improvised session performance with Beijing Opera dancers in Beijing (2002)
・Berlin Jazz Festival 2003、Nouveau Casino (Paris 2003)
・Philippe Decoufle "Solo Performance" (Paris 2005)
・Pina Bausch "Rough Cut" (Wuppertal 2005)
・Katrine Wiedeman "The Mermaid" (Copenhagen 2005)
・Philippe Decoufle "Solo" (Paris+Thai 2006)
・2006 World Cup Compilation Album "Play Up" (2006)
・Pina Bausch "Vollmond" (Wuppertal 2006)
・Pina Bausch "Bamboo Blues" (Wuppertal 2007)
・Philippe Decoufle "Solo" (Tokyo, NY 2007)
・Breht-Weil / Three penny Opera / Akira Shirai (Tokyo 2007)
・Arranging and Conducting for Grace Jones, Gavin Friday and Beth Gibbons for a concert "Stay Awake" Songs of vintage Disney Films / produced by Hal Willner (London 2007)
・Pina Bausch "Sweet Mambo" (Wuppertal 2008)
・Arranging and Cinducting for David Byrne, Gavin Friday and Jennifer Charles for a concert "Stay Awake" Songs of vintage Disney Films / produced by Hal Willner (NY 2008)
・Galerie Lafayette Homme 2009 Image Character
・Shuji Terayama's "The Miraculous Mandarin" directed by Akira Shirai (Tokyo 2009)
・Philippe Ridley / Leaves of Glass / Akira Shirai (Tokyo 2010)
・Kazuki Nakajima / Jeanne d'Arc / Alira SHirai (Tokyo 2010)
・Paul Auster / Ghosts / Akira Shirai (Tokyo 2011)
・Kyoka Izumi / Tenshu Monogatari / Akira Shirai (Tokyo 2011)
・Georg Buchner / Woyzeck / Akira Shirai (Tokyo 2012)
・"Pina Bausch tribute in Tokyo" concert (2013)
・"Pina 40" concert in Wuppertal (Germany 2013)
・"A tribute to Pina Bausch" concert in Vienna (Austria 2013)
・Go Aoki / 9days Queen / Akira Shirai (Tokyo 2013)
・"The here and after" concert at Le 104 (Paris 2014)
・Jun Miyake / Lost Memory Theatre / Akira Shirai (Yokohama 2014)
・Pearl S. Buck / PEARL / Lincoln Center (NY 2015) 
(unfinished master used illegally)
・Kazuki Nakajima / No.9 melody immortality / Akira Shirai (Tokyo 2015)
・"Jun Miyake WMF2016" concert at Hamamatsu Act City hall (2016)
・"Jun Miyake" concert at Blue Note Tokyo (2016)

・Flying Sapa (2021)

"No.9 -Immortal Melody (2021)

Sanson (2021)


Sony, TDK, Maxell, Scotch, Panasonic, JVC, Mitsubishi, NEC, Sanyo, Ford, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, Shiseido, Max Factor, Maybelline, Suntory, Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo, Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Kyocera, Olympus, Coca-Cola, 7up, and many more...


・Cannes International Advertising and Film Festival
・International Broadcasting Advertising Award
・Clio Award
・Dentsu Advertising Award
・ACC Japan CM Festival
・JAM Advertising Music Festival
・Massachusetts State of Artist Foundation : Award for Jazz Composition
・Multi Media Grand Prix for CG Arts
・MAGINA, Prix Pixel
・London Effects and Animation Festival
・Le Festival du Dessin et du Film d'Animation


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