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"pneuma / Ichiko Aoba + Jun Miyake + Tatsuhisa Yamamoto + Hitoshi Watanabe" was released on October 25th from Sound & Recording (High-Resolution Audio only). *Track list:

01.IMPERIAL SMOKE TOWN (music+words: Ichiko Aoba)

02.Mars 2027 (music+words: Ichiko Aoba)

03.Tomoshibi no Shirayuri (music+words: Ichiko Aoba)

04.Fuwarin (music+words: Ichiko Aoba)

05.Frozen Tide (music: Jun Miyake)

06.Omotai Matsuge (music+words: Ichiko Aoba)

07.Hidokei (music+words: Ichiko Aoba)

08.Kamisama no Takurami (music+words: Ichiko Aoba)

09.Yusagi / Mahoroboshiya (music+words: Ichiko Aoba)

10.Lilies Of The Valley (music: Jun Miyake)

Ichiko Aoba (Vocal, Guitar) Jun Miyake (Electric Piano, Flugelhorn) Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (Drums) Hitoshi Watanabe (Bass, Cello) zAk (Recording & Mixing)

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