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"Vollmond" music from the dance theater of Pina Bausch


01. Part One: Life and Death (Balanescu Quartet with Steve Arguelles)
02. Untitled (Amon Tobin & E.San)
03. Lillies of the Vally (Jun Miyake)
04. Memories du Futur (Rene Aubry)
05. Pefto (Nenad Jelic)
06. Part Two: Aria (Balanescu Quartet with Steve Arguelles)
07. Yasawas (Amon Tobin)
08. Au Clair de Lune (Sublime & Jun Miyake)
09. To the Hills - Variation 1 (Alexander Balanescu and Balanescu Quartet)

01. Rono's Prayer - Nick Rapaccioli Remix (Leftfield)
02. The Bed and Whe Window (Marasma)
03. The River Flows and All is Well (Siegfried Ganfor, To Rococo Rot)
04. Fat Ass Joint (Amon Tobin)
05. Ruthless - Reprise (Amon Tobin)
06. Bonus track: Alviverde (Jun Miyake featuring Arto Lindsay)

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