Theater piece directed by

Akira Shirai

Soundtrack produced by

Jun Miyake
Theater piece ​p
roduced by

Shinya Kumagai


All music composed, arranged and programmed by

Jun Miyake

Words by
Akira Shirai 
and Jun Miyake
ulgarian translations by

Vanya Moneva


Executive producers
TBS television and Jun Miyake


Daigo Mizogushi and Retsu Kuze (NICHION, INC.)

Recorded by
Vladislav Boyadjiev (Sofia)

Jun Miyake (Paris, Tokyo)

and Cecil Coutelie (Paris)


Mixed by
Philippe Avril at Studio Ferber (Paris) and Studio Tex Avril (Paris)


Mastered by
Lionel Nicod at Translab (Paris) with Phil
ippe Avril

Recorded at

Bulgarian National Radio Studio #1 (Sofia)

Studio Ferber (Paris)

and Jun's Room (Paris+Tokyo)​

Graphic Design by
Yan Stive

Artwork for Publicity by

​Kazuya Kondo​

Portrait by

Seiji Shibuya

Stilyng by

Mafumi Shimada

Hair and make up by

SAKURA (Allure) and Tomio Kawabata

Stained glass photo by

Akira Shirai,

authorized by Cathedrale Sainte-Croix d'Olréans.

Music performed by

Bulgarian symphony orchestra

Cosmic voices of Bulgaria

Nicolas Montazaud (percussion)

Manuel Marches (bass)

Dairo Miyamoto (saxes and woodwinds)
Masahiro Itami (guitars and oud)

Kyoko Katsunuma (vocal on track11)
Jun Miyake (samples and trumpet)

Bulgarian symphony orchestra conducted by

Deyan Pavlov

Orchestra management by

Elena Chouchkova

Cosmic voices of Bulgaria conducted by

Vanya Moneva

Choir management by

Emil Minev

Production management Marieta Geneva/

SIF309 film and music productions (Sofia)

Philippe Avril (Paris)

and Jun Miyake (Paris+Tokyo)​

Special Thanks to all musicians who made this album possible, Aniplex, Akira Shirai, Philippe Avril, Vladislav Boyadjiev, Cêcile Cout, Yan Stive, Deyan Pavlov, Vanya Moneva, Elena Chouchkova, Emil Minev, Marieta Geneva, the freesound project, Kyoko Katsunuma and Sheena Miyake

Manu Thanks to Shinya Kumagai, Keiji Matsunuma, Reiko Takagi and Shinsuke Aoki (TBS television)